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Money art, pay it forward
Softening the Edges

2011 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2016 | 2018

Money (Rands), paper

Each work in this series was done in collaboration with the artist.

Each participant gave R1000 in exchange for the same amount from the artist in R10 notes. The notes had their corners rounded - their edges softened. The participant had to then give out their notes, one at a time, to people to soften the edges of their day.

The finished artwork is made from the corners and is a documentation of the process. 

They are all 16cm wide by anything from 50-150cm long

Softening the edges bankie 2.jpg
Softening the edges corners.PNG

Softening the Edges is an artwork using money as a medium. 

It is both a socially conscious and societally responsive work.

The actual artwork is a process that began with a collaboration between a person and the artist and ends with the documentation of the process - which is a framed artwork.


The works began with the collaborator giving one hundred R10 notes. And then the artist rounds the corners of each note - softens the edges.

The notes were given back to the collaborator who then handed them out, one at a time, to people on the street that are asking for money - including car guards, people who load your shopping into your car, beggars etc. Thereby softening the edges of that person's day.

The corners of each collaboration are then made into the artwork. With the initials of the collaborator indicating which work is which.

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