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Grey Landscape


handmade lace, pencil, painted pins on paper


Grey is an in-between colour and in this work points to that that happens in-between or quietly. Lieberman works in a minimalist way yet the work is thick with concept. The source for the small pencil bird, for example, is from a photo she took while standing outside the South African Conditional Court doing research for another artwork. This bird can now be seen in a number of works - carrying the concept of what lies below it. The Court and all its transformative history.


The tree too is from a photograph the artist took - outside the old city wall in Jerusalem.

The concept that the Olive tree seems to universally represent peace diverts into different meanings in this situation. Ironic in its placement here, yet pertinent. The topic of peace in this area is crucial yet seems to be untouchable in reality.


The black and grey threads lead into the certain geometric pattern of the hand-made lace. We flounder between our path that we manipulate daily and the level of opportunity and coincidence that seems planned. 

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